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19 September 2009 @ 05:40 pm
The Journal of Daria  
1932, London

Dear me(I explain this below)and possibly posterity,

I am pleased to write that I have resolved to keep something of journal. Of late many fantastical things have been happening and I feel the need to record it all just as a reference. I do not think of this a journal. It is more of a very long letter to me. As for posterity, well... one simply cannot tell who might get a hold of this eventually. I do hope that the tales told here will be thrilling and somewhat scandalous, but not so bad as to damn me in the History Books To Come.

It would be simply rotten if I didn't let any one who might read this know who is writing, I am Daria Helene Lathrop, Aviatrix Extraordinaire(I am not bragging, really!) and Amateur Sleuth.

Now the introductions are all in order I might as well get down to the issues at hand. Not to complain or anything, but I do have quite a lot of issues. Not the sort that can land you in the loony bin, but the sort that involve really people and all of that bothersome emotion business. It is a bit of trial, but I am in a spot of trouble. General Ravensdale's son has gone missing, and I was the last person he spoke too. 

Reggie Ravensdale is a pompous ass, but he is rather good looking. He is also has a tendency to pay Too Much Attention and it is getting me into to trouble. The General doesn't think I did it, but his mother and siblings do. Thank the the heavens that the General knows I would never hurt Reggie. He may be annoying and unable to take a hint, but I wouldn't abduct him. The MP's have been called in and are investigating, but I don't really understand what they expect to find in my hhome other than scribles about wind and trejectories and math buisness. I do have several letters of the General's that need to be posted, some of which would be better black mail than kidnapping Reggie and he knows it.

It doesn't matter. I will muddle through it but in the mean time I must meet Mr. Napier at HQ. I detest the train ride out to HQ, but it can't be helped.