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20 September 2009 @ 03:04 pm
London, 1932

Dear me,

James Napier is a nasty man. I hate him for being so ever present in my life. He is all sarcasm and prickles. I am not sure why I am writing this down, as I am sure I will always remember Mr. Napier, but it is nice to complain to the page.

Lord Napier is young man of breeding who has the unfortunate task of overseeing my work. I am the leader in the field of innovative avionics and my outfit is run by the RAC. The ROYAL Air Corp. We all work for the Crowne. There is no reason I should have to have all of my work approved by a civilian appointed by Their Royal Majesties. Lord Napier is a brilliant scientist, but he has no respect for anyone elses work. None whatsoever. I was the on who figured out how to build small dirigibles that could run with out a manmade propulsion system. That particular piece of work allowed us to quell several rebellions in the East as well as remind the Confederacy that we are the true power in the world. And reopened trade with Upper Mongolia! The fact that my hadn spasams is no reason for him to doubt my work! Odious man.

James has also taken to refering to Capt. Ravensdale snidely just to watch me twitch. Everyone has been whispering behind my back about Reggie. The MP's have looked through my flat and found nothing incriminating. They called in the Yard to search through some of Reggies haunts and found nothing. Reggie has been missing 3 days and nothing has been seen or heard. If he isn't found soon I may be in a lot of trouble. Laura has beena brick about this whole thing.

Laura Cooper is my flatmate. she also works as an HQ secretary. Major General Craddock is not half as nice as General Ravensdale, but Laura seems to like him. Laura was engaged to a Lt. but he died int he war. Laura is 12 years older than me, hence the death in the war. Well anyway, Laura has been super nice about this whole debacle. I rather wish Reggie hadn't gone and vanished. It really isn't fair to the rest of us. I am sure he simply went off to Calais without tellign anyone or something like that. He wouldn't get himself killed or kidnapped. It doesn't matter. I have to go review my papers per Napier orders and then mend my second best pair of stockings.