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23 September 2009 @ 01:32 pm
Authorial Cameo:Sir Arthur  
March 9th
1932, London

Dear me,

I have returned from The Tower Garage(which isn't really a garage. It is more of a large bunker I use for testing prototypes) and have some interesting news to impart. Sir Arthur came to visit me while I was checking the equations on the Marian. He wanted to talk to me about Reggie of all things. His advise was rather extraordinary and I don't want to forget the conversation, so I shall record here lest I forget.

I was sitting at my rather cluttered desk, bemoaning the lack of heating that was making my hand harder to work with when I heard The door slam shut. I turned around sharply while reaching for my ray gun.

"Don't be so jumpy kitten, I don't fancy being dead." said Sir Arthur his pompously British way( I am Welsh and don't forget it!)

"Sir Arthur!" I cried and jumped up and embraced him some what violently. Thanks heavens Sir Arthur is so sturdy, or I fear I would have knocked him over.

"Oof. Kitten, sit down. It constantly amazes me how unladylike the modern girl is. You really should try and behave with more decorum. You would get on better with Young Napier that way. The old families like a bit of formality now and again."  I wrinkled my nose and he looked at me severley through his monocle. "That kind of expression is exactly what I mean. Now offer me some tea like a good girl." I stuck my tongue out at him and departed to the other end of the bunker the get the tea things.

When I came back with the tray Sir Arthur had situated himself in the only comfy chair I have in the Garage. I smiled as I poured and then sat down on the hard wooden chair. Sir Arhutr sipped the tea and raised an eyeborw.

"Budget cuts again?" he asked

"Yes. Lord Napier rather delights in them."

"Napier does no such thing. He deligths in your budget cuts. If you were nicer to him you might get your staff and heat back."

"NO! He is the one who keeps demanding I change my design for the Marian and make it smaller. If she gets any smaller she will fall out of the sky. He isn't an engineer. He doesn't know the kind of work I am pouring into this project. I am not going to pet his ego just so I can be warmer. Summer is almsot here and until them I can wear extra layers. As for the staff, excepting Rohn, they were useless."  this is all perfectly true. The other eason is that I simply refuse to bow before Napier's just because he is an English  Lord and I am a Welsh officer

"Kitten, this isn't good for you. Your hand has gotten worse since the staff went, hasn't it?" He looked at me in his hawk like way and I nodded sheepishly. "Let me see it." I held out my righ hand for him to look at. He looked at the large scar in the center and grunted. The scar tissue was tinged blue. He pressed my hand under the tea cozy.  "keep it under that for a few minutes while I get down to business."

"Business? Oh Yes. What is it that brings you to Tower Garage?"  I asked him as the teapot warmed up my rather chilly hand.

"This business with Reginald Ravensdale and the other missing officers." He said with a knowing look.

"Oh." I said stupidly "Well. it is a bit shocking and inconvienient but I haven't a thing to do with it.

"Have you seen the names of the officers who have gone missing?" he asked.

"Not really. They weren't named in the papers and I was never curious." I said vaguely.

"I thought not. Take a look." He handed me a scrap of paper. I looked down, puzzled.

' Name, rank                                                   Date of disaperance
  Daniel 'Danny' Rohn, Capt.                       Dec. 2nd, 1931
  George Walker, Capt.                                 Jan. 2nd, 1932
  Lawernce 'Dizzy' Evans, Capt.                   Feb. 2nd, 1932
  Reginald 'Reggie' Ravensdale, Capt.     Mar. 2nd, 1932'

I gasped.

"I know them all. Danny was my assistant, Walker an old co-pilot, Dizzy was our crew chief, and Reggie had a nasty habit of proposing."

"I know all this kitten. You haven't been in question before because you were known to be in the office or with my on all those days. Someone was setting up an alibi for you. Do you want to know what other thing these men all have in common?" I nodded blankly, stunned by this revalation. " The have each saved you in one way or another. Rohn defended you to Napier, Walker carried you out of the training excercize, Evans stitched your hand up on site and kept you from shock, and Reggie was the one who got you to the specialist for your eye and hand. Then he got old Ravensdale to take you on. They also all attended the Academy the same year you did."  I was so stunned.

"This can't be." I said.

"It clearly can be my girl."

"What should I do?" I asked him rather patheticly.

"You keep this quiet and find a friend who can help you. I recommend Napier. He has contacts and can keep you out of the hands of the Yard and MP's. He can also go places on the street you can't. Places Reggie and the others might have gone."

"Why? How is that important?"

"Think girl! You are clever enough to know that you will have to figure this out yourself. The MP's and Yard are going to get into a jurisdictional tussle and that will slow thigns down by months. There isn't that much time. You have worked cases with the MP's before and can do this. You are going to need someone with money and the drive to help you."

"You think Napier is the man? What is wrong with your help?" I felt betrayed by him.

"I have to leave for the continent  tomorrow and then the States. I won't be here to save you from the fire. I also think that the men who help you are going to end up dead. Such danger should be left to younger, stronger men. "  I looked forlorn and nodded in agreement while swearing that I would under no circumstances ask Napier for help.

Sir Arthur wrapped up the conversation with a few pleasantries and the promise to send some good tea and brandy around. As he walked out the door he looked back at me.

"Daria, I checked before coming here and I can tell you that your sister is not behind this. She is running highly dangerous supper drugs in Slutzk. But be careful. There is no Holmes in this life we live." and he gave me one of his rare hugs. That hug was probably the scariest thing to happen all evening.

I said goodbye and closed up Tower Garage and came home as quickly as possible. I am going to close this now and go bounce the days events off Laura. I am suddenly very, very worried about this whole thing.

Current Music: I Am Aglow - Sarah Harmer